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Winter is here and pests are looking
for food, water, and shelter. Don't let them find it in or near your home. You are proud of your home and Bugs R Us will help you keep it protected from pests all year round with our Pest & Animal Control Services.

Bug & Insect Control

Proper identification is crucial to Bug & Insect pest control and treatment, and to avoid improper pesticide use during treatment. Each pest will have its own treatment protocol that we have designed for effectiveness and safety.


For over 10 years Bugs R Us has provided leading extermination, inspection and preventive services throughout Massachusetts.


Below is a listing of common pests that we regularly work to remove from local homes and businesses. So if you have a pest problem or want to make sure you don’t get one, please call us today.


• Acrobat Ants

• Argentine Ants

• Carpenter Ants

• Pavement Ants

• Odorous House Ants

• Pharaoh Ants



• Black Widow Spiders

• Brown Recluse Spiders

• Harvestmen

• Wolf Spiders

• Yellow Sac Spiders


Bed Bugs


Bees / Wasps / Hornets




Pantry Pests

• Cigarette Beetles

• Drug Store Beetles

• Flour Beetles

• Flour Moths

• Grain Moths

• Indian Meal Moths

• Rice Weevils

• Sawtooth Grain Beetles


Occasional Invaders

• Camel Crickets

• Centipedes

• Earwigs

• Gnats

• Millipedes

• Silverfish

• Sow / Pill Bugs

• Springtails

• Stink Bugs

• Carpet Beetle (fabric destroyer)

• Clothes Moths (fabric destroyer)

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Rodent & Small Animal Control

Prevention is the key to a healthy rodent free home,  this is achieved by inspecting the exterior of your home for areas that are susceptible to animals and rodents. For example, animals, rodents and even insects can gain access to your home through overgrown shrubbery or a hanging tree branch. In many cases simple pruning and yard maintenance can help make your home less desirable to these intruders. In addition, structures such as decks and sheds can sometimes offer a safe haven to pests and simple exclusion work around these structures can help prevent these unwanted guests.


Bats, birds, squirrels, opossums, and raccoons can all cause damage in attics, soffit areas or wall voids as they build nests and seek shelters for themselves and their growing families. Major damage can occur as they smash and rip insulation, chew through weather barriers and electrical wiring. The animal droppings left behind can also be very harmful, however they are easily cleaned. Sometimes, in cases where the animal problem has existed for many months or years with an infestation, a complete clean-out and decontamination would be recommended.

Services Provided

• Animal Trapping & Removal                    • Rat & Mice Exterminating

• Deodorizing                                             • Dead Animal Removal

• Barrier Construction                                • Exclusion Devices & Installation

• Insulation Removal & Replacement        • Waste Removal & Clean-Up

Common rodent/small animal nuisance in the New England area...


Bats can carry diseases such as rabies, SARS, and Henipavirus.

In addition, bats can carry bat bugs (similar to bed bugs) and fleas.



Birds can help spread disease to humans over long distances
and they can also be a source of parasites such as bird mites.



The Opossum is known to carry tularemia, leptospirosis, relapsing fever, murine typhus and rocky-mountain spotted fever. They are
often infested with many ticks and fleas.



Raccoons can carry rabies, rummage through trash, and can cause quite a bit of property damage with their sharp teeth and claws.



Squirrels will dig in planting pots and flower beds for plant bulbs and seeds, they are a member of the rodent family and are constantly chewing. If they nest in attics, they will eventually chew through wiring.



Skunks can carry rabies and other diseases, and of course, they can spray from under their tails to a distance of nearly 15 feet with good accuracy They will commonly nest under concrete porches and storage sheds where the can easily dig a burrow.

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